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Website design: Content Management

Your content management has to fit the website it's driving and it has to fit the way you work. That's the least you should expect.

Do your forthcoming events need to be categorised by genre, have multiple dates and times, feature between one and twelve images, have the option of video, need to publish and unpublish themselves automatically? Oh, and be bilingual? Fine. We'll develop a CMS which does just that.

We don't shoehorn you into our way of working. We make sure that our systems feel like they were designed with you in mind. Which they are.

Which content management system?

Most agencies will offer just their own proprietary content management system (CMS) which they've developed themselves. We do that, too. Ours is called StageManager and it's very easy to use.

If your brief requires a more transferrable CMS, we can provide that, too. We're Certified Developers of Umbraco, a powerful open-source content management system.

Core functionality

Both StageManager and Umbraco enable you to

  • Control the content and layout of all pages via drag-and-drop and a Microsoft Word-like interface
  • Upload images, video and other media to the server
  • Edit images on the fly
  • Modify navigation structures
  • Create new pages
  • Amend and remove pages
  • Maintain the onsite site-specific search engine and sitemap
  • Maintain meta data for each page
  • "Roll back" to previous versions of pages
  • Generate search-engine friendly URLs
  • Scheduling when pages go live
  • Moderate pages before they go live

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