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Online advertising

Want to promote your brand? Want to receive high quality traffic?

Google is a world renowned search engine and it can open your website up to a wide audience.

When you include your website in Googles sponsored listings you could reach thousands of potential customers that are interested in your products and services.

When appearing in sponsored results we will work with you and use keywords relevant to your business. Maximise your exposure by only paying for clicks through to your website and not advert views. Reaching your target audience in this way is very cost effective.

We have 4 packs to choose from:










Instant visibility

Your text ads will appear in Google's sponsored search results when the relative keywords chosen for your site are searched for. Increase visitors and improve targeting from the World's most popular search engine!

Up-to-date reports

Stay updated on the progress of your campaigns with detailed monthly reports. Check conversions and compare performances; know what keywords bring more visitors to your website and monitor returns on your investments.

Campaign optimisation

Let our experts do the campaign optimisation for you: they will analyse your website and select a list of keywords that fit with your business, create text ads and set up your Google campaigns to maximise performance. Our team of SEM (Search Engine Marketing) specialists, who are all certified Google Qualified Individuals, will develop your campaigns ensuring the upmost expertise and professionalism.

Easy budgeting

You only pay for the ad clicks you receive and not for the number of ad views. Keyword ADV comes with a pre-set number of clicks so it's up to you how many clicks you want and how much money you want to spend. Once your allocated budget is spent, your ad clicks will stop until you or your budget decides. Plus, the cost per click decreases as the number of clicks you purchase increases!

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